The Millcreek Coffee Roasters Story

It all started with a love of good coffee. In the early 1990’s, the Brewsters realized they had a passion for coffee. It became a quest…to find the best coffee and learn all they could about the entire process. In 1993 the Brewsters decided the time had come to roast excellent coffee, both for their enjoyment and for the good of Utah. To this day, Millcreek Coffee Roasters remains a family business, employing second-generation Brewsters. With a name like Brewster…they had to make coffee.

Millcreek Coffee Roasters started in a little building on Broadway with one 12-Kilo roaster. From the start, special care was taken to profile each bean and to roast it to its fullest potential. Our roasters sample-roast every week to be sure we are unlocking the best flavor from each coffee.

Great coffee starts with an excellent bean, and we pay more for the best quality coffee beans (the top 5% of the crop). We buy our beans directly from many of our growers, while keeping focus on sustainability and responsible practices. We want our coffee to be the best available while doing what is best for our growers.

Coffee is as perishable as produce, and Millcreek Coffee Roasters has a commitment to providing the freshest coffee. We roast and deliver daily, and date stamp our coffee bags so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Millcreek Coffee Roasters…Coffee Is Our Passion.®

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