Storing & Brewing


Proper coffee storage is very important to the quality of your cup. The secret to our coffee’s great flavor is its freshness. Coffee is as perishable as produce. Once roasted, coffee has a shelf life of 10 days. Exposed to air, coffee beans will become stale rapidly. It is best stored at room temperature in an airtight container, in a dark, dry place.

Do not store coffee in the refrigerator because they are damp inside, and dampness compromises the aroma and flavor. Refrigerators also harbor a variety of odors that can ruin freshly roasted beans. Refrigeration mutes the flavor of coffee, even when stored in tightly sealed containers.

We prefer that you purchase your coffee often, and in small quantities so that you can enjoy Millcreek Coffee at its prime. However, if you must store coffee for more than 10 days, we suggest the following guidelines: separate beans into single-serve portions, store in air-tight containers in the freezer, remove only what you will brew immediately and thaw completely before grinding.


There are many methods which produce a quality coffee beverage; decoction and percolation are the exceptions, because over-extraction leads to undesirable tastes.

Brewing Methods

Decoction: loose coffee grounds are mixed in a container with water that continues to boil for an arbitrary length of time.

Steeping (French Press): coffee grounds in a container are mixed with hot water, left in contact with the water for an arbitrary length of time, and then separated from the extract or brew.

Drip filtration: the grounds are placed in a container that serves both as a brewing chamber and as a means of separating the grounds from the beverage. In this method, however, the hot water flows through the coffee only once.

Percolation: ground coffee is placed in a container with water that serves both as a brewing chamber and as a means of separating the grounds from the beverage. A pump moves the hot water to and through the coffee again and again.

Pressurized infusion: highly pressurized water is forced through the coffee grounds, which are compacted into a small cake in the brewing chamber (espresso).

Vacuum filtration: this method uses a two-chamber device and is a variation on the steeping method.

To brew a great cup of coffee

1. Follow our storage guidelines.
2. Brew beans within seven to ten days after roasting for best flavor.
3. Grind beans just before use.
4. Use fresh, filtered cold water. Water represents 98% of the beverage, so ideally water should be filtered to eliminate particles, high levels of minerals and odors.
5. Use two tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz water.
6. Drink within twenty minutes of brewing.

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