Direct Source Coffee


At Millcreek Coffee Roasters, we are committed to fresh, perfectly roasted coffee. We source our coffee with a focus on both quality and sustainability. We work directly with coffee producers who use sustainable coffee growing standards. These producers are concerned with soil preservation, clean water practices, and maintaining a quality standard of living for their workers. The relationships we form with these producers are key to Millcreek Coffee’s success.

The best coffee comes from producers who invest time and thought into their farming practices. They understand that long-term success depends on providing high-quality coffee. Choosing sustainable economic, environmental, and social standards is in everyone’s best interests. Occasionally, these coffees also fall into the organic and/or fair trade category.

We believe the free market system is the most efficient vehicle to deliver sustainability. By paying a fair price for quality, and seeking out farms who focus on sustainability, market forces lead to the best situation for growers, roasters and coffee lovers. We feel that the less people and organizations involved in the process of our coffee purchases, the more we can assure the quality and actual sustainability of our coffees. And, most importantly, we feel that this dedication to quality should be obvious when you have Millcreek Coffee in your cup.


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