Our Commitment to Sustainably Sourced Coffee & Community

At Millcreek Coffee Roasters, we source our coffee with a focus on both quality and sustainability. By working with many growers, as well as importers who are working with farmers at origin, we can create direct trade, transparent, relationships that work throughout the whole supply chain. We work with small coffee farmers, co-ops and producers that enhance a quality standard of living for workers as well as care for their environmental impact through promoting soil health, composting, and clean water practices. The relationships we form with these importers and producers are key to Millcreek Coffee’s success.

The best coffees come from producers who invest time and thought into their farming practices. They understand that long-term success depends on providing high-quality coffee. Choosing sustainable economic, environmental, and social standards is in everyone’s best interest.

By paying a premium for our coffee, and by sourcing responsibly, we can ensure quality in the cup while also doing what is best for our growers and the coffee communities. We also focus on social projects in the regions where we purchase a large amount of coffee. A percentage of every pound purchased in Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica goes directly back into the coffee growing communities.

Through our purchasing practices, our love for our global coffee community as a whole, and a passion for freshly roasted coffee, we hope you can taste the difference when you have Millcreek Coffee in your cup. 

At our Shop

We have committed to helping Utah’s air quality. As a Visionary Member of the Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Program, Millcreek Coffee Roasters purchases the majority of our total energy usage in wind power.

Eco Friendly

We have installed an afterburner, which is a mechanism that is attached to the coffee roasting equipment and is designed to heat up, so the fumes emitted by coffee roasting are eliminated. We have also installed LED lights in our wholesale facility. At our coffee shop, you’ll find eco-friendly cups for our hot and cold beverages.

Our Community

Millcreek Coffee Roasters is a local family-owned and operated company, and we believe in being an active member of the community. We love supporting local non-profits and donate coffee and product to many organizations around Utah.   We strive to use local products as often as possible from pastries and sandwiches to locally produced hormone free milk. 

Supporting Local

We support our local farmers and gardens by donating our burlap sacks, coffee grounds, and chaff. Roasting coffee produces a bi-product called chaff — the husks of the bean that is separated when roasted — which are used to oxygenate the soil. The burlap sacks, which holds our green coffee, are used for starts for new plants. Coffee grounds are used for composting and fertilizer. This also helps us reduce waste into landfills.

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